Prof. Xue Songtao from Tohoku Institute of Technology in Japan Gave an Academic Report

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On April 22nd, 2011, Prof. Xue Songtao was invited to give us an academic lecture, titled “Inspection Report of the Disaster of the East Japan Earthquake”. He was the president of the Northeast Branch in Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ). Prof. Xue worked in the department of architecture in the Tohoku Institute of Technology in Japan and the Research Institute of Structural Engineering and Disaster Reduction of Tongji University.

Specializing in the earthquake over the world in AIJ, he took an active part in the disaster assessment of the housing construction and the infrastructure construction after the East Japan earthquake, collected large amounts of data on the strong earthquake and conducted a deep study of the earthquake disaster, the infrastructure and the construction damage. During the lecture, combined with his experience and the fruitful research results, Prof. Xue introduced systematically such issues as the disaster situation of the violent earthquake and the tsunami, the failure characteristic of the earthquake, the emergency shelter, the principle of tsunami and its hazard, the atomic energy plant and the management of earthquake prevention and disaster alleviation after the earthquake. The wonderful lecture of prof. Xue motivated all the student and teacher present to think about the post-earthquake action and enabled them to further strengthen the sense of mission and responsibility.

Prof. Xue taking group photo with leaders and teachers in the Institute

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