Academic Report by Bartel Van de Walle--- founding chair of the Board of the ISCRAM Association

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April 16, 2013, at the invitation of President Bo Jingshan, Bartel Van de Walle, the founding chair of the Board of ISCRAM Association and Geert Gijs, Chief Coordinator of B-Fast, Belgium delivered their lectures in the Muti-Function Hall. Prof. Ren Luchuan Presided over their Lectures.

In his lecture Gijs took B-Fast (Belgian First Aid and Assistant Team) as an example, introduced the development of rescue organization, the significant role it has played, its operation module as well as its collaboration with governments and other organizations. Gijs concluded his lecture with vast site photos indicating the importance of rescue works.

In the lecture of “Sensemaking Information System” Bartel van de Walle introduced a new concept of “sensemaking”, and with this explanation to this concept he talked the application of the Information System in the field of Disaster Relief. During his report Bartel analyzed the types, impact factors, correlation within impact factors of decision-making, by ways of Cynefin Model. He also talked the similarities and differences between NDM (Naturalistic Decision Making) and RPD (Recognition-Primed Decision Making) and the application of RPD in our daily life especially in Disaster Relief. At the end of his lecture Bartel reclaimed the vital role of Information System in the field of International Disaster Rescue and Relief.

Geert Gijs giving a lecture

Bartel Van de Walle giving a lecture

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